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Tips for Caring for Your Aging Horse During Winter

January 11, 2019

Do you have a horse that’s enjoying its golden years? When it comes to winter, aging horses are much like humans. They struggle with the challenges of the cold and can’t handle winter as well as they used to during their younger days. It’s important to remember this as you plan your winter horse care in Montana. The main winter challenges for horses over 20 are staying warm, getting enough movement and maintaining their weight. Use the following tips to help your aging horse stay healthy this winter. Weight Horses use feed to stay warm. The digestion process generates body... View Article

Tips for Winter Tack Care

December 28, 2018

Winter brings with it harsh temperatures and conditions. This weather can take a toll on your tack if it’s not cared for properly. Fortunately, with the right tack cleaning supplies in Montana, you can keep your tack looking sharp. Use the following tips for tack cleaning in Montana to care for your tack this winter. Whether you plan to give your horse a break this season or take an occasional ride through the snow, these steps will help extend the life of your tack. Daily Use If you continue to ride this winter, keep your bridle in good condition by... View Article

Winter Feeding Tips for Horses

December 12, 2018

During cold winter months, how can you ensure your horse is getting the nutrition he or she needs? With pastures bare and temperatures dropping, it’s important to take a few intentional steps to keep your horse well fed and healthy through the winter. Your local feed store in Montana offers the following tips to help: Slow switch: Keep in mind that it takes a horse about 14 days to adjust to new forage. As you switch from grass to dried hay for the winter, do so slowly. Additional forage: To help your horse stay warm in the winter, provide additional... View Article

Best Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Horse Lover

November 28, 2018

Wondering what to get that horse lover on your list this year? Not sure what would be the best Christmas gifts in Montana for the person who seems to have it all? Tap into their love of horses with the following great gift ideas. Horse tack: No equestrian is complete without horse tack in Montana. Give your favorite horse lover a new saddle, or new bridles, bits or reins. They’ll love being fully equipped for their next ride. Jewelry: Horse-themed jewelry makes a great accessory for riders. A cute horse charm bracelet, horseshoe earrings or a horse necklace are perfect... View Article

How to Keep Your Horse Warm in Winter

November 12, 2018

Winter weather is right around the corner. While you and your family will be able to cozy up inside your warm home at the end of the day, your horses are not so lucky. Although horses are quite resilient to cold temperatures thanks to their thick coats, they still need some protection from the harsh cold and winds that winter will bring this year. Keeping your horse warm all winter long will help prevent it from getting sick, losing weight or getting depressed. Numerous equine health problems have been linked to winter weather, including bacterial infections of the skin, colic,... View Article