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Klassy Cowgirl 28×30 Barrel Style 1” Teal Felt Pad

October 7, 2022

KC-3916 Klassy Cowgirl  28×30 Barrel Style 1” Teal felt pad with teal lacing and painted feather design. This beautiful pad features a distressed brown leather with teal lacing, and painted feather design. This saddle pad features a  1″ heavy duty teal felt with vented wither and leather  reinforced spine.

How to Take Care of Leather Riding Equipment

October 12, 2018

Horse tack is the equipment and accessories required to ride a horse, including saddles, bridles, stirrups, reins, harnesses and bits. Buying the best quality tack you can afford and taking care of all your equipment means you’ll have these things for longer and keep them in the best condition possible. Purchase from a known manufacturer, one that you know uses quality materials and takes pride in their work. When it comes to leather horse tack in Montana, find out the type of thread used for stitching. Natural fibers like linen and cotton are nice, but synthetic threads are unaffected by... View Article