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Tips for Winter Tack Care

December 28, 2018

Winter brings with it harsh temperatures and conditions. This weather can take a toll on your tack if it’s not cared for properly. Fortunately, with the right tack cleaning supplies in Montana, you can keep your tack looking sharp.

Use the following tips for tack cleaning in Montana to care for your tack this winter. Whether you plan to give your horse a break this season or take an occasional ride through the snow, these steps will help extend the life of your tack.

Daily Use

If you continue to ride this winter, keep your bridle in good condition by wiping it down after every use. Dip a soft cloth in warm water, squeeze it out, then use this to clean the bridle. Once the majority of the dirt is removed, use a coat of saddle soap to finish cleaning the bridle. For a heavily soiled or greasy bridle, use a small amount of washing soda crystals in the water.


To properly store your tack in winter, find a temperature-controlled area to place it when not in use. Extreme cold or humid heat can cause damage to your tack, so it’s important to store it where the temperature remains fairly even and comfortable.

To store a saddle, place it on an appropriate saddle stand or saddle rack. This will allow it to maintain its shape and will prevent damage. If possible, keep your saddle and bridle under a fabric cover when not in use.

Cleaning and Storage

Before storing your tack for the winter, you should clean it thoroughly. This tack cleaning in Montana will help preserve your tack for the season.

First, completely dismantle your bridle. Undo all buckles and remove straps from keepers. Remove buckle guards, girth and stirrup leathers from your saddle.

Once everything is taken apart, use a leather cleaning product to thoroughly clean your tack. Be sure to use products that are designed as tack cleaning supplies in Montana. After cleaning, apply a layer of thick grease, such as Ko Cho Line. This will help prevent the leather from drying out over the winter and provide protection during storage. Apply this product to the metal parts as well, as this will help prevent rusting.

After cleaning and preserving is complete, store bridles unassembled and lying flat. Store tack in breathable containers or bags. Use a cotton cover for the saddle. A cotton pillowcase works well for bridle storage. The goal is to keep dirt and dust off the tack during the winter but also provide good air circulation so the leather can breathe.

Get More Tips

Would you like more tips about tack cleaning in Montana? For expert input on the best tack cleaning supplies in Montana and how to use them, contact the equestrian experts at Down Home Tack & Feed LLC. We carry all horse-riding essentials, including saddles, bridles, reins, blankets and more. We also carry Western and English tack and rodeo equipment. Reach out to us today or stop in to pick up quality tack cleaning supplies in Montana.

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