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Basic Equipment You Need for Your First Horse

August 29, 2018

Getting your first horse is an exciting adventure, and you’re likely ready to dive in headfirst. Of course, long before you actually bring your horse home, you need to make sure you’re properly prepared with all the equipment you’ll need to raise and train your horse.

If you already own a ranch or other type of country property, you probably already have a lot of items, including pitchforks, wheelbarrows and shovels you’ll use to clean up after the horse. There are, however, some specialty items you’ll have to purchase at a local tack shop, including horse training equipment and other specific equine supplies in Montana.

Some items such as saddles, bridles and bits might be better off being purchased after you bring your horse home, so you can custom fit them to your horse and guarantee they will be a comfortable fit. However, many other items you can purchase far in advance so they’re ready to use once you bring your horse home. For instance, you should have at least several weeks’ worth of hay, plus any grain or supplements you expect to feed your horse. You should have all fences and the stable prepared, and some sort of bedding if you’ll be stabling your horse. And of course, it’s crucial to have a reliable supply of fresh water.

Here are some of the categories of horse supplies in Montana you’ll need to plan for when purchasing your first horse.

Feeding equipment
The feeding equipment you should have for your horse includes:

  • Feed tub
  • Water trough or large buckets
  • Water heater or heated buckets—especially important when freezing temperatures arrive

Pasture and barn maintenance

These are just a few of the items you’re going to want to make sure you have in your pasture or barn. You very well could have some of these items around your property already:

  • Pitchfork
  • Stable broom
  • Manure fork
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Premise spray (to prevent insects from becoming a problem)

Grooming and handling

Some of these types of items you’ll only be able to find at a horse supply store. You’ll want to make sure you stock up on these items in advance so you have them ready to go already when you bring your horse home. They include:

  • Halters (leather or breakaway halters are your safest bet)
  • Hoof picks
  • Lead ropes
  • Body brush
  • Mane comb
  • Curry comb
  • Cloths (you can use old rags or washcloths)
  • Fly repellent

Riding supplies

You’ll need to decide if you’re going with English or western styles for your tack. In addition, you should wait to purchase a saddle until you bring home your horse.

  • Saddle with cinch or girth
  • Saddle pad or blanket
  • Bridle
  • Helmet
  • Safety stirrups or boots that have a one-inch heel

Driving supplies
There are several types of driving harnesses, ranging from light to heavy. Investigate which option is right for you before making your purchase.

  • Driving whip
  • Helmet
  • A safe vehicle
  • Harness and bridle

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