PowerFlex® No Chew Bandage


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PowerFlex® No Chew Bandage
At last:  a bandage with chewing deterrent built right in! The PowerFlex® No Chew Bandage has a bitter taste to discourage horses from biting, chewing and tearing at their wound protection. This flexible, breathable, self-adhesive, controlled compression bandage will conform to the bandage area easily but without constriction. It has a strong, 23-lb tensile strength yet can be easily torn to the desired length by hand – no scissors needed. PowerFlex® No Chew Bandage is safe for horses, humans, and pets. Water, sweat and abrasion-resistant.

Bitter taste horses don’t like
Self-adhesive, won’t stick to hair or skin
Breathable and flexible
Controlled compression without constriction
Tears clean by hand

Item Specifications:
4″ x 5 yds.
Caution:  Although Powerflex® No-Chew Bandages are safe for horses, pets, and humans, they may, however, leave a residue on your hands after use. Gloves are strongly recommended.

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