Western Youth Child Rodeo Bronc Bull Riding Show Genuine Leather Chaps


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  • HSCH504N
  • LEATHER : Handpicked High Quality Genuine Chaps Leather and Skirting Leather Trims.
  • FRINGES : 12 in. on the side and 3 in. at the bottom.
  • COLOR : Black Base – Metallic Blue Fringes – Metallic Blue & Orange Trims.
  • MEASUREMENT : Length 36 in. (With Fringes) – Waist 26 to 36 in. (Adj. – Thigh 17 to 25 in.(Adj. – Inseam 28 in
  • HARDWARE : Solid Brass with nickel plating.

Hilason has managed to develop one of the widest ranges of chaps in the industry today. Our chaps are not only unique but the most affordable in the market. This chap is made to be attractive and eye catching. The chaps are carefully hand-made with a combination of the finest, soft, Faux Leather . The base of the Chaps is made of super quality soft and supple Faux Leather .

When considering a Rodeo Chap, two factors are of prime importance. It is necessary to confirm that the chap is put together very intellectually with precise enforcement at stress point to ensure durability and long life. Hilason Chaps are just designed with that feature. Each stress point has been identified and reinforced with extra material, padding or stitching as and where needed.

The other issue to consider is weight. The chap should be made of significant weight, otherwise a light-weight chap would be at interference in rodeo spinning and flying wildly. This chap uses a specially tanned leather that gives it the desired weight and uniformity that is important in Rodeo.

In addition to durability, this chap is really easy to clean and dust-off. Simple soft brush could be used for dusting or a combination of damp cloth and mild liquid soap can be used for spot-cleaning. Avoid rubbing the cloth to prevent hair fall.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 4 in

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