Su-Per Hoof – 2.5 Pounds


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Contains building blocks which support normal hoof growth and structure.       Powder with a rice hull base with molasses and apple flavor. The nutrients work together to support hooves and maintain hoof walls.     Feeding Amounts:  ADULT HORSES: Feed 1 ounce per day.   FOALS, WEANLINGS: Feed 1/2 ounce per day.   PREGNANT and NURSING MARES: Feed 2 ounces per day.     Size:  2.5 Pound is 40 1 ounce servings  Guaranteed Analysis: Per 1 Ounce:  Gelatin …565 mg  Zinc – …200 mg  L-Lysine – …145 mg   dl-Methionine – …85 mg  Vitamin B6 – …23 mg  Biotin – …25 mg

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