Stierwalt ProFoam Grooming Mousse


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Stierwalt ProFoam Grooming Mousse  Multi-purpose grooming mousse is a must-have for training hair, clipping, and show day prep.  The animal’s hair coat will have a thick, natural look with just the right amount of holding power.  For daily care, use with Stierwalt ProCharge.  For show day, use with Stierwalt ProPolish or ProPink for lighter hold or with ProGloss for firmer hold.     Product Features: •Grooming mousse •Hair coat will have thick, natural look •Daily care use with ProCharge •Show prep use with ProPolish, ProPink, or ProGloss •Recommended for show cattle; also great on goats and lambs   Item Specifications:  Size:  17.5 oz Aerosol Can

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