Showman Teal Serape Braid-In Lycra Tail Bag


Showman Teal Serape Braid-In Lycra Tail Bag



This teal serape tail bag is made of stretchy Lycra material and is designed to protect hair from dirt and breakage. Designed with 3 sleeves so your horses’ tail can be braided in; one black sleeve, along with two serape print sleeves. This bag separates hair to eliminate damage while protecting hair from wind, sun, and dirt year-round.

Featuring a draw string top for added security, the extra-long design keeps tails from dragging the ground while bagged. Protect your horse’s hair with a braid-in tail bad, that keeps tail hair long and straight with a slight wave. This tail bag is ideal for traveling to shows, protecting from messy weather, or everyday use.

  • Measures: 25″ x 43 1/2″
  • Drawstring Top
  • Extra Long Design
  • Weather protection

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in



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