Farnam Scarlex Wound Dressing Spray


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Farnam® Scarlex    A soothing, slow-drying antiseptic dressing for minor skin lesions, surface wounds, cuts, and burns. Indicated also for superficial dermatitis. Contains 500 applications.  Farnam® Scarlex® provides your favorite Scarlet Oil dressing in an easy-to-use pressurized spray bomb, with P-Chloro-M-Xylenol added. P-Chloro-M-Xylenol is both a germicide and fungicide, and many times more powerful than Phenol, yet is non-irritating to skin tissue.     Features: •For minor skin lesions, surface wounds, cuts and burns •Non-irritating •Slow-drying   Item Specifications:   Size: 5 oz.        Directions for Use:  Shake Well. Remove protective cap. Point nozzle opening toward wound or affected area to be treated. Spray from a distance of 2 to 4 inches. Release spray by pressing valve stem down for just an instant. A one second application over the area to be treated provides an adequate dosage. Application should be repeated daily until healing takes place. When possible, affected areas should be clean and dry prior to application. Do not use on exceedingly large areas or in deep wounds.

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