Aloe Advantage Shiny-Hiny Hair Polish Spray


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Aloe Advantage™ Shiny-Hiny Hair Polish Spray   Shiny Hiny provides a long-lasting effect to help keep your pony’s coat shiny and shimmering clean longer, plus keeps the mane and tail tangle-free. Shiny Hiny is also an excellent leave-in conditioner. The amount of product used is directly related to the size of your pony’s “Hiny.” Good for all sizes of “ponies” from minies to drafts. Also great for your canine pooch! Do not use on the saddle area.  Features: •Environmentally safe •Fortified with Aloe Vera to moisturize and help soothe dry areas •Can be used alone or after shampooing •Works on wet or dry coats •For horses or dogs  Size:  16 oz bottle

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