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Mustang Wool Square Western Saddle Blanket Liner  Made of nature’s most durable fiber, this 100% wool pad will provide long-lasting protection. Wool is the perfect fabric to protect your horse’s back. In addition to being a totally natural, wool absorbs up to 80% of its own weight in moisture, pulling it away from the skin. The porous material continues to breathe, allowing for the release of that moisture, keeping skin cool and dry. Wool also has tiny ‘barbs’ that grip the hair on your horse’s back for a close fit that prevents chafing and provides a steady, slip-free ride. Generously sized at 30” x 30”, this 1/2” blanket liner ensures a great experience for horse and rider.    Features:   · 100% natural fiber  · Draws moisture away from the skin  · Eliminates heat build-up  · Breathability  · Close fit  · Long-wearing and durable    Item Specifications:   Dimensions: 30” x 30” Thickness: 1/2” Materials: 100% Wool  Colors: Tan, Grey

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