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3388 Centennial Dr, Helena, Montana 59601, United States

About Us

The Owners:

Bill and Jen Cohn 

About Bill Cohn

Bill worked on a established family owned dude ranch in central Montana.  with 55 head of horses and running cattle.  Bill was the lead wrangler packing and guiding.  Bill has worked on some of the biggest ranches in Montana doing caving, feeding, branding, and showing. Bill also rode bareback in the National Rodeo Association and Montana Rodeo Association in his younger years.  

About Jen Cohn

Miss Jen was a highly acclaimed trick rider.  She has performed at the Rose Bowl for half time entertainment.  She has worked with the cast of the Virginian, gunsmoke, and Slim Pickins.  She rode with the Montie Montana Wild West Show, and has  Performed for many Hollywood partie’s. She was honored to be invited to Wayne Newton Ranch In Vegas.  She is an excellent horsewoman in all classes from class A Quarter Horse and Arabian Horse Shows, to English and Western riding.  Her lifetime of devotion to riding is shown by her ability to break and train her own horses which she uses in her act .  Miss Jen worked for the international Arabian horse association as their spoke person for the Arabian Horse,   She has been in Horse And Rider and Western Horse Magazines.  She has traveled all over the country performing in Rodeos, Horse Shows, and Fairs.